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In 1980s Stockholm, college student Jonathan is blackmailed into spying on his distant father and stumbles upon a Cold War plot to assassinate the Swedish Prime Minister, forcing him to choose between family loyalty and national security.

Stockholm, early 1980s. Jonathan, living with his distant father Erik, a doctor with government ties, secretly sells essays to escape their strained home. Caught by his professor Margret, he's coerced into photographing a covert meeting, leading him to tail a woman meeting his father, who unexpectedly speaks Russian. The woman's subsequent death unravels Margret as an American agent thwarting a Soviet plot against Sweden's Prime Minister. Pressured to spy on Erik, Jonathan confronts betrayal and intrigue, finding himself a pawn in a vast, dangerous espionage game.

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The Conspiracy

The story is based on conspiracies from the 1980s in Stockholm, when the city was a gathering place for spies from all around the world, due to Sweden's neutral stance and strategic location. Everything from a Soviet plan to take over Sweden and the CIA's placement of a group of agents known as "stay-behinds," Russian submarine sightings along the coast, to the unsolved mystery surrounding the bombing of the Fontainebleau restaurant on New Year's Eve and the alleged connection to the subsequent assassination of Sweden's Prime Minister.

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The story explores the theme of betrayal and loyalty amidst the morally ambiguous espionage realm. "Mecca of Spies" meticulously examines the fine line between love and deceit, illustrating the danger of allowing the clandestine role to impact personal relationships negatively. Through a stark lens, it unveils the tumultuous interplay between allegiance and treachery that characters navigate in a world where trust is a fleeting luxury.

Tone and Style

The story carries a dark, brutal, and action-packed tone reminiscent of John le Carré's classic spy thrillers. The film dives into the risky world of espionage, where high stakes are at play. The narrative is also characterized by a nostalgic 1980s aesthetic. In the series, we encounter period-typical pastel colors and neon lights but we also see a darker and colder side, creating a unique and captivating contrast that lends the story more depth and complexity. The storytelling style and tone are, broadly speaking, an exciting and nostalgic mix of espionage, action, and a bygone eighties era.

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Main Character

Jonatan Celander, 22 years old and a biochemistry student, is known for his dual personality. He appears wild and rebellious in front of his friends, while he becomes reserved around his strict and distant father. Jonatan is smart, evidenced by his ability to sell school essays and avoid getting caught through clever concealment.

Main Character

Erik Celander is a 55-year-old doctor with an international reputation and wealthy patients, including government officials. He presents a strict and controlling persona at home with his son, Jonatan, but is charming in his professional and espionage roles. As a long-time Soviet spy, his initial motivation for espionage was the thrill, but he has become increasingly entrenched in the dangerous world of espionage.

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Main Character

Margret Heyes is a 50-year-old American mathematics university professor who secretly works as a CIA-sponsored stay-behind network agent, recruiting students for different assignments. She is known as "The Wolf" in agent circles due to his elusive and secretive nature, and no one has ever seen her face. She is eloquent and observant and can keep her true identity hidden from those around her.

Main Character

Isabelle, or Nastya Volkova, is a 25-year-old trained KGB agent posing as a nanny and housekeeper for high-ranking officials. She is a courier for Jonatan's father, Erik, and is torn between her loyalty to her country and her growing feelings for Jonatan. Her presence also poses a significant threat to Margret Heyes, the CIA-sponsored agent known as "The Wolf."

Sub Characters

The Spies are highly trained and skilled in espionage, able to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings and manipulate those around them for information. Whether it's seduction, blackmail, or violence, these spies will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They come from various backgrounds and nationalities, including Stasi agents from East Germany, Z2 agents from Poland, Czech, Hungarian, and Bulgarian spies, and agents from the Soviet Union. Each one is a formidable opponent, and their presence adds to the thrill and danger of the story. They are all united in their mission to uncover secrets and gain the upper hand in espionage.

The intelligence services in this story are the unseen players, pulling the strings behind the scenes. They are represented by organizations such as OP2, CIA, MI6, and the Swedish Intelligence Services. These characters are the older, more experienced players who have recruited young spies to gather information for them. They are ruthless and have no qualms about eliminating their recruits if necessary to protect their interests. They are the ones who control the game and dictate the actions of the other characters.

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